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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ok, so I am in the middle of trying to prepare dinner, give my babies bathes, do laundry and get this blog post finished.  As you know, lately I have been getting back into crocheting and trying to teach myself to knit.  One of my favorite blogs,, did a series awhile back about learning to knit.  I am ashamed to say, I am just now getting around to actually using it.  I have read it many times, but just haven't had the time to sit down and try.
Anyway, I thought today I would share a crochet creation that I recently made with a pattern that my mother-in-law gave me.  It is a pattern called Simple Scrubbie by Kristy Ashmore.  It works up rather quickly.  I made two in one night and stitched them together, to make it thicker, for myself.   Here is what that ended up to look like.    

and here is what one by itself looks like.
These are now my favorite kitchen scrubbie, thanks to my mother-in-law. 

Here is the pattern that I used.  It includes a supply list, in case you don't already have things lying around.  Hope everyone enjoys this and if you make one, I would love to see. 


If you guys want this pattern, please just email me or leave a comment and I'll get it to you.  I am having trouble uploading a bigger version of the pattern.  Sorry!

Happy Crocheting!

New Blog Name

Well I decided that I needed a new name.  So we are changing names and becoming Crafty Ali.  I will be posting more later today.  

Hopefully everyone has had a much more productive day than me.  Well I shouldn't say my day hasn't been productive, but I haven't gotten much done in the way of cleaning my house.  Mr. Crafty took our little boy to the ER today, due to what we thought may be a serious infection and the lack of our doctor to give him an appointment.  We were right.  He has a serious glad his dad took him today. He's resting now and probably will be up all night, but I just don't have the heart to wake him.  He has had a traumatic day.  

So, I will be back online later to post for today and hopefully moving forward things will go smoothly! 

Crochet Time

Ok guys!  I know I've been away for awhile, but it's summer...all my kids are home and I am trying to find a rhythm to working with all the chaos.  Not used to that.  So, I have been getting back into crocheting lately and have done quite a few projects late at night, while everyone else is sleeping. 

I didn't realize just how many links there are on the web for teaching you how to crochet or knit and how many sites there are that have FREE patterns.  Below I have posted a few of my projects.  They are small and some have mistakes, but like I said.  I am just getting back into this. 

                        Baby headband

                             wash cloth


                        Butterfly again


                          Another flower made with crochet thread instead of yarn

                          Hair scrunchie

                          plarn kitchen scrubbie...PLARN is yarn made from recycled plastic bags

                              other side of plarn scrubbie

                               Red and blue hair scrunchie

                     kitchen scrubbie from yarn

Now, with all this crocheting going on, I have been all over the web looking for patterns and projects.  One of my favorite sites is  They have everything all in one place.  As a matter of fact, right now, they are having a GIVEAWAY.

You should go by and check it out today!  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making Memories

Well we started our Father's Day festivities early, since we will be traveling to the in-laws tomorrow.  My children decided they not only wanted to buy a present, but they wanted to make something that daddy could remember and keep. So, we made crocheted flowers (well I crocheted the flowers) with sticks as stems, that they colored and wrote on.  They said things like, Happy Father's Day, I love you, Greatest Dad, etc.  

We also made a heart garland.  I let each of the children pick a fabric from my scraps to use as their heart.  I placed them on the garland from oldest to youngest child.  Well, except I realized after I was finished that I did not do that.  I accidentally put the youngest and next to youngest backwards.  It's ok though....he loves it and that is all that counts!  This is a very special Father's Day for Marvin, aka, daddy.  Yesterday, he got to go pick up his 16 year old that he has not seen in 2 years.  So, to say this has been a teary, happy, emotion filled couple of days for us is putting it mildly.

I am fortunate to have a husband, who would a lot rather have a homemade gift than a store bought one.  He will not turn down the store bought gift, but would prefer the homemade.  

Below are the photos of the project.  

This is the vase and flowers that we made daddy.

These are the flowers that Ashley (11 1/2) and Kristy (9) made for daddy.

This is an aerial shot of the flowers in the vase.

This is the heart garland that we made.  From left to right are hearts for Matthew, Joshua, Ashley, Kristy, Noah and Lilly.  The last two should be in opposite positions, since I meant for them to be from oldest to youngest, but oh well.

This is an up close picture of Matthew and Joshua's hearts.

This is an up close picture of Ashley and Kristy's hearts. 

This is an up close picture of Noah (2 1/2) and Lilly's (3 1/2) hearts. 

This is all the flowers together before we put them in the vase.

 This is a picture of Lilly (3 1/2) and Noah's (2 1/2) flowers. 

This is daddy (Marvin) with his gifts. 

This Joshua(standing in the back), Ashley standing beside daddy(Marvin) and Noah and Lilly in daddy's lap. 

This is the gang again.  This is the first time Marvin had seen Joshua in 2 years.  This has been a very good day for our family. 

Father's Day Hub Bub

So, this weekend is Father's Day.  What will your family be doing to celebrate with the daddy's and grandpa's in your lives?  I know it has been several days since I posted. Please forgive me.  Our family has a number of things going on, not to mention I have been trying to work with the kids to make Daddy something special.  

So, I want to know, what are you making or doing to celebrate Father's Day in your family?  Do you have a family tradition? Do you go out to eat?  We ususally make the meal of daddy's choice, give him gifts and spend time doing special activities with him.  

This year daddy wanted a specific book and although we did purchase the book, we decided to make something too.  We are in the process of finishing our heart banner and flower pot.  As soon as we are finished, I will post a picture of the entire doing.  

Hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day with the wonderful, special men in your lives.  I have placed some quotes about Father's below in honor of all the Father's out there.

Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.  ~Ruth E. Renkel

Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad.  ~Author Unknown

Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown.  ~Author Unknown

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, hello there.  Sorry I haven't been around in the last two days.  There is a  lot going on in my household right now.  Just couldn't get to the computer.  With everything going on and the kids running around, I have been trying to figure out a way to destress.  I found it!  I went back to something I enjoyed as a child....CROCHETING.   

My grandmother taught me how to do the basic stitch of crocheting, when I was about 7 or 8.  I can remember being at my grandparent's house for weekend sleepovers and watching her crochet all sorts of things.  Afghans were my favorite though.  I haven't gotten that brave yet. 

Below are my first attempts.  I have crocheted two different kinds of flowers, am starting a scarf and have made a dishcloth.  

There will be more to come on my crocheting adventures between taking walks, swimming, playing outside, going to the park, learning our ABC's, etc.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Love New Finds

There are a lot of blogs out there for crafting and sewing, etc. I have a laundry list of ones that I like.  I have just recently found one called Craft Passion, that I absolutely adore.  My friend Connie likes it too.  She found this adorable owl keyring/holder that I simply had to try to make. 

Today was the day that I decided to attempt to make it. I made mine a little different from the one on Craft Passion, but did use the pattern and directions found there. 

You guys should check out this site.  It has something for nearly every crafter out there.  I have posted a picture of my first attempt to make it below.  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Felt Flower Rings

Ok, so my friend Connie sent me a link to a new site and magazine called Mollie Makes.  Right now it is only available in the UK, but it seems to have so many craft ideas.  I loved the video she sent me about the magazine.  There was a woman, crafty of course, walking through the streets on her way to a craft shop.  All along her way, you kept getting glimpses of a felt flower ring she was wearing.  So, what do you think happened?? Of course, I was inspired to try to make a felt flower ring, which I did. 

Today I thought I would give you guys a tutorial on how to make the felt flower ring, but also, keep in mind, the flowers used on these rings, could be made larger or smaller depending on what you want and used for anything. Decorations for gifts, flowers in an arrangement, etc.  ANYTHING!

So here we go: To start you need a 10 inch long 1 inch wide piece of felt.  Glue gun.  Piece of felt long enough to fit around your finger and as wide as you want the band to be.  Another piece of felt long enough to wrap around the center of the ring on top and one piece to go around the ring once you have attached the flower to the ring. 

First you need to heat up your glue gun.  Then take the 10 x 1 in piece of felt and fold it in half. 

Glue along the edge of the open side all the way down.  Make sure you do only the edge!  After gluing, it should look like this. 

Step two is to take your scissors and make little cuts down the length of the felt on the folded side. Make sure you do not cut completely through.  Try to go just below the glue on the other side.  This is what it will look like after you snip the other side all the way down. 

After you are finished snipping the other side, you need to start at one end and start rolling it around.  Roll it about two times and then start gluing as you go so that it will stay in place.  This is what the finished flower will look like after you have rolled the felt.  

Next you want to take the piece you cut to fit your finger and hot glue it together at the ends.  Then take the piece you cut to go around the middle of the top of the ring and center it around the top band of the ring, fold it under and glue it into place on the underside of the top of the ring.  This is what it will look like once you do that. 

Then hot glue your flower to the top of your ring.  This is what it will look like with the flower attached to the ring. 

Now get the piece you cut to hide the space between the flower being attached and the ring. Hot glue it all the way around the ring and you're done!  Voila!  You have your very own felt flower ring!  This is what your finished product will look like. 

Hopefully you guys and your kiddos will like these as much as me and my kiddos do.  We have already made tons of them for ourselves and family and friends.  Please let me know if you make them, how you like them and send me a picture.  

Have a great evening and up coming week.  See you tomorrow on Sewing with 7.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Korker Bows-how to

Ok so to start the korker bows, you need scissors, needle and thread, lighter, wood burner or fray check (to heat seal the ends of the ribbon), wooden dowels and wooden clothes pins. 

After you have gathered your supplies, you need to heat seal the end of the ribbon and attached it at one end of a wooden dowel with a wooden clothes pin.  After you have attached the ribbon to the dowel with the clothes pin, you need to start winding it around the dowel.  You can leave a little space between the turns or not.  It's your choice.  At this point preheat your oven to 275 degrees.

Make sure you turn the ribbon all the way to the bottom of the dowel and attach the other end of the ribbon to the opposite end of the dowel with a wooden clothes pin.  You will probably want to make a big batch of these each time so that you don't have to do it as often.  As soon as you have the ones you want to make ready to bake, place them on the foil lined cookie sheet and bake at 275 for 25 minutes.  Make sure you use foil on the cookie sheet so your ribbon will not get dirty. 

Your finished product will look like this:

Make sure you wait until they cool, once you take them out of the oven, before you remove them from the dowels.  After you have taken them off the dowels, cut them into three inch pieces.  Choose the pattern and colors that you want together and lay them out.


Next step is to thread your needle and make a knot 3 inches from the end of the thread.  Then, stack the ribbons onto the needle, without pulling the thread all the way through, until you have them all on the needle.  Once you have them all on the needle and the thread pulled through, take the needle and thread back through the ribbons.  Take care not to go back through the hole you made the first time or the thread will pull back out. 
After you have pulled the thread back through, take the 3 inch tail at the knotted end and the thread that is in the needle(remove the needle) and tie a double knot. Now, cut a 1 1/2 inch piece of ribbon that matches one you used in the bow. 


Wrap it around the middle of the bow and stitch it to the bow on the other side.  Just make sure that you don't stitch it so that you can't attach the bow to a clip. 

This is what your finished product will look like. 


Hope this helps!  My little girls love these bows!  I would love to see any that you guys make.