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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Felt Flower Rings

Ok, so my friend Connie sent me a link to a new site and magazine called Mollie Makes.  Right now it is only available in the UK, but it seems to have so many craft ideas.  I loved the video she sent me about the magazine.  There was a woman, crafty of course, walking through the streets on her way to a craft shop.  All along her way, you kept getting glimpses of a felt flower ring she was wearing.  So, what do you think happened?? Of course, I was inspired to try to make a felt flower ring, which I did. 

Today I thought I would give you guys a tutorial on how to make the felt flower ring, but also, keep in mind, the flowers used on these rings, could be made larger or smaller depending on what you want and used for anything. Decorations for gifts, flowers in an arrangement, etc.  ANYTHING!

So here we go: To start you need a 10 inch long 1 inch wide piece of felt.  Glue gun.  Piece of felt long enough to fit around your finger and as wide as you want the band to be.  Another piece of felt long enough to wrap around the center of the ring on top and one piece to go around the ring once you have attached the flower to the ring. 

First you need to heat up your glue gun.  Then take the 10 x 1 in piece of felt and fold it in half. 

Glue along the edge of the open side all the way down.  Make sure you do only the edge!  After gluing, it should look like this. 

Step two is to take your scissors and make little cuts down the length of the felt on the folded side. Make sure you do not cut completely through.  Try to go just below the glue on the other side.  This is what it will look like after you snip the other side all the way down. 

After you are finished snipping the other side, you need to start at one end and start rolling it around.  Roll it about two times and then start gluing as you go so that it will stay in place.  This is what the finished flower will look like after you have rolled the felt.  

Next you want to take the piece you cut to fit your finger and hot glue it together at the ends.  Then take the piece you cut to go around the middle of the top of the ring and center it around the top band of the ring, fold it under and glue it into place on the underside of the top of the ring.  This is what it will look like once you do that. 

Then hot glue your flower to the top of your ring.  This is what it will look like with the flower attached to the ring. 

Now get the piece you cut to hide the space between the flower being attached and the ring. Hot glue it all the way around the ring and you're done!  Voila!  You have your very own felt flower ring!  This is what your finished product will look like. 

Hopefully you guys and your kiddos will like these as much as me and my kiddos do.  We have already made tons of them for ourselves and family and friends.  Please let me know if you make them, how you like them and send me a picture.  

Have a great evening and up coming week.  See you tomorrow on Sewing with 7.

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