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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Making Memories

Well we started our Father's Day festivities early, since we will be traveling to the in-laws tomorrow.  My children decided they not only wanted to buy a present, but they wanted to make something that daddy could remember and keep. So, we made crocheted flowers (well I crocheted the flowers) with sticks as stems, that they colored and wrote on.  They said things like, Happy Father's Day, I love you, Greatest Dad, etc.  

We also made a heart garland.  I let each of the children pick a fabric from my scraps to use as their heart.  I placed them on the garland from oldest to youngest child.  Well, except I realized after I was finished that I did not do that.  I accidentally put the youngest and next to youngest backwards.  It's ok though....he loves it and that is all that counts!  This is a very special Father's Day for Marvin, aka, daddy.  Yesterday, he got to go pick up his 16 year old that he has not seen in 2 years.  So, to say this has been a teary, happy, emotion filled couple of days for us is putting it mildly.

I am fortunate to have a husband, who would a lot rather have a homemade gift than a store bought one.  He will not turn down the store bought gift, but would prefer the homemade.  

Below are the photos of the project.  

This is the vase and flowers that we made daddy.

These are the flowers that Ashley (11 1/2) and Kristy (9) made for daddy.

This is an aerial shot of the flowers in the vase.

This is the heart garland that we made.  From left to right are hearts for Matthew, Joshua, Ashley, Kristy, Noah and Lilly.  The last two should be in opposite positions, since I meant for them to be from oldest to youngest, but oh well.

This is an up close picture of Matthew and Joshua's hearts.

This is an up close picture of Ashley and Kristy's hearts. 

This is an up close picture of Noah (2 1/2) and Lilly's (3 1/2) hearts. 

This is all the flowers together before we put them in the vase.

 This is a picture of Lilly (3 1/2) and Noah's (2 1/2) flowers. 

This is daddy (Marvin) with his gifts. 

This Joshua(standing in the back), Ashley standing beside daddy(Marvin) and Noah and Lilly in daddy's lap. 

This is the gang again.  This is the first time Marvin had seen Joshua in 2 years.  This has been a very good day for our family. 

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