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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Hard Way

Well it certainly has been a long time since I have written anything for this blog.  A lot has been going on in our house since my last post.  Without going into a lot of detail.....there are things going on with child custody between my husband and his ex wife and they are not pretty!  

Now normally this wouldn't or shouldn't be a hard thing to do.  Just get along for the sake of your children and fight with each other, when the children aren't around, if that's what you want to do.  Unfortunately, my husband has an ex wife, who doesn't feel that way.  

I have been with my husband for six years and married five of those.  We have been fighting with his ex in court for the entire six years.  In 2006 he was granted sole custody of all of his children and his ex was given once a month visits with them.  Ever since then, she has made it her mission to make our lives hell! 

Yesterday was the last draw for me! She refused to return our youngest daughter(my husband's from his first marriage) and we literally had to get the judge involved to force her to return her.  Over the years, this type of event has become something she does and it causes great disruption to our home, not to mention it is not healthy for the children.  

The system is very messed up in the state of North Carolina and that is not the only place.  I just say NC because that is where our matters are heard because that is where they started and have never stopped.  I don't understand though.  In 2006, when my husband was granted custody, his ex was found unfit and there were a long list of reasons why.  We have video of her from facebook, drunk with the children present and one of them videoing her in January of this year.  There are liquor bottles on the kitchen counters and open containers also.  How does a woman who was found unfit and then five years later lets her child video her drunk and post it to facebook with the other children present, have a leg to stand on?  

All I can say is I am glad I have God and my faith because without it I don't think I could get through this.  I would be a basket case.  

My precious children.

Our children at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday to my daughter Ashley today!  She turns 12 today! I can't believe it!  My husband and I married 5 years ago and I got Ashley as part of the deal.  How lucky is that? My Ashley is a bright, shy, artistic, sometimes overly excited 12 year old.  She is a definite daddy's girl.  She is found sometimes just sitting at daddy's feet doing nothing.  Just being near him.  

She will start 7th grade in the fall and is a little nervous.  We found out at the end of 6th grade, she had been invited to be part of AP(advanced placement) classes.  She loves to read and is very astute at language arts.  She is well above her grade level.  

Here is a picture of Ashley with her sister Kristy on our last church trip to the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia.  Kristy is on the left and Ashley is on the right.

Kristy and Ashley on a church trip. 

 She wants a lady bug cake. I'm not sure if she wants one like she had last year, but if she does that's what she'll get. 

Ashley's lady bug cake she had for her 11th birthday in 2010.

The work in progress, before it had legs

Aerial view after it was complete

Just another view

Side view
 All in all I don't think it turned out bad.  I did learn as I went and this year's will be much better, if she decides she definitely wants another one this year.  

It has become sort of a tradition in our house for me to make the cakes.  Except as the kids have gotten older some have wanted store bought cakes.  While they are little, I would definitely prefer to make them though.  

So there may be other posts today, but they are all going to center around Ashley and her big "12th" birthday.  Everything from waking and breakfast to dinner and cake.  

Ashley at a craft day in Michael's craft store.

Making her craft

I can't quite figure this out

After completing the craft, looking at American Doll books.

Ashley putting on a show for daddy.

Ashley with sister Kristy singing in the show for daddy.

Ashley being shy about doing the show.

Ashley and Kristy singing

Ashley rocking it on the guitar.

Ashley throwing caution to the wind, which she hardly ever does.

Having a great time.

Just Ashley

Ashley and Kristy rocking out.

Getting ready for the show.
 Hope everyone has a great day! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

LIfe's Little Messes

So, it has been a long while since I posted.  I am very sorry!  I just have not had time to breathe, let alone blog.  There are a few issues in my everyday life, that have had to be addressed and they have kept me from getting to the computer to do anything.

I don't have anything new to post, other than all the projects that I have been doing in the middle of the night, when I can't sleep, due to all the stuff that is going on.  So, here are a few pictures.  Hope you like them.  Most of my patterns came from  This is a wonderful website.  They have thousands of free crochet patterns.

First wash cloth I crocheted


Airplane I made for my son.

Another shot of the airplane

Front shot of the airplane

Baby beanie I made for my neighbor's new baby girl.

First attempt at a headband

Cuff bracelet

Another shot of bracelet

Cuff bracelet and flower choker


Chapstick holder

Another shot of chapstick holder

Child's hat-first attempt

Dish cloth

My new kitchen scrubbie

Cuff bracelet I made for my daughter.

Another shot of bracelet

This is a flower that you put on your know, for decoration

Top view of shoe flower

Bath loofah

Bath loofah.