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Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday to my daughter Ashley today!  She turns 12 today! I can't believe it!  My husband and I married 5 years ago and I got Ashley as part of the deal.  How lucky is that? My Ashley is a bright, shy, artistic, sometimes overly excited 12 year old.  She is a definite daddy's girl.  She is found sometimes just sitting at daddy's feet doing nothing.  Just being near him.  

She will start 7th grade in the fall and is a little nervous.  We found out at the end of 6th grade, she had been invited to be part of AP(advanced placement) classes.  She loves to read and is very astute at language arts.  She is well above her grade level.  

Here is a picture of Ashley with her sister Kristy on our last church trip to the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia.  Kristy is on the left and Ashley is on the right.

Kristy and Ashley on a church trip. 

 She wants a lady bug cake. I'm not sure if she wants one like she had last year, but if she does that's what she'll get. 

Ashley's lady bug cake she had for her 11th birthday in 2010.

The work in progress, before it had legs

Aerial view after it was complete

Just another view

Side view
 All in all I don't think it turned out bad.  I did learn as I went and this year's will be much better, if she decides she definitely wants another one this year.  

It has become sort of a tradition in our house for me to make the cakes.  Except as the kids have gotten older some have wanted store bought cakes.  While they are little, I would definitely prefer to make them though.  

So there may be other posts today, but they are all going to center around Ashley and her big "12th" birthday.  Everything from waking and breakfast to dinner and cake.  

Ashley at a craft day in Michael's craft store.

Making her craft

I can't quite figure this out

After completing the craft, looking at American Doll books.

Ashley putting on a show for daddy.

Ashley with sister Kristy singing in the show for daddy.

Ashley being shy about doing the show.

Ashley and Kristy singing

Ashley rocking it on the guitar.

Ashley throwing caution to the wind, which she hardly ever does.

Having a great time.

Just Ashley

Ashley and Kristy rocking out.

Getting ready for the show.
 Hope everyone has a great day! 

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