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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

L's 4th Birthday

Well yesterday, November 22, 2011, was L's 4th Birthday.  I can not believe it! How did four years go by so fast?  It seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time.  My labor was so long and so painful, but it was so very worth it.  God gave me a terrific daughter.  She is so smart and so caring and lively. 

Her birthday went off without a hitch. We always let our children pick what they want for dinner on their birthdays, so of course, we asked L what she wanted.  She matter of factly stated hotdogs and chicken and that is all.  So, we had hotdogs and chicken and that was ALL.

She is not quite old enough to ask for a store bought cake.  I still make her cakes.  She wanted purple frosting, chocolate cake, scooby doo decorations and a candle.  That was it!  Well.....I did all that except the scooby doo decorations for the cake. I hunted high and low for them, but no store had them.  The one store I thought would have them, Party City, didn't!  I was so disappointed.  Anyway, I asked her what else she would like and she said princess.  So off to get Princess I went and found them.  Surprise, surprise.  Her cake was nothing fancy, but it was exactly the way SHE wanted it.

L's 4th birthday cake

L on her 4th birthday

Little brother N

Mommy helping L blow out the candle

L taking the candle out of the cake

L licking the cake off the candle

still licking cake

Daddy and little brother N

L enjoying her cake

We usually don't go over board on gifts, but they usually get what they want.  L got what she wanted and was all smile.

After this picture, she wanted the bed topper on her bed.  So off we went and the following was the result. 


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